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I'T Support services in York, Laptop Computer repairs, Tel. 07746646246

About us

We are based in the UK in the city of York. Our experience team has served the Electronics, Telecomms & IT arenas for the last 25 years. Please feel free to contact us if you have an enquiry, by completing the contact form or by calling : 07746 646246 - one of our staf members should be able to answer your call.

After hours & weekends or non contracted services. Please email us at  easy-repairs@live.com or alternatively by calling 0844 487 7073.



Information Communications Technology Services offered are the following. Website design and performance, SEO services, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Conversion & Email Marketing, Computer systems intallations, repairs & maintenance support, Digital & 4K high definition television, Internet connectivity & development, WiFi troubleshooting structures. We're the most trusted IT field services in Yorkshire's capital city. From desk-side assistance to 24/7 cover agreements, we’ll be there to give you the help you need, where ever and whenever you need us.




Information & Technology is everywhere, therefore the constant needs of development is a must, nowadays technical help is always a priority to get things working.

No matter where you are! We cover anywhere in the planet as long as you're connected to the Internet.

The York area has a 7 day service! Just make a call to 07746 646246  From 8am to 8pm.

We cover just about anything to do with computer systems. Ask us and if we can deliver you'll get the best possible results, with all the support need it and that is a promise.